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January 2018


What is Asian Cajun Fusion (And How Did it Get Started)?

Odds are, you’ve noticed lots of sushi restaurants popping up near you recently – people just cannot get enough seafood. While those restaurants are all well and good, we prefer our food cooked…and then packed full of flavor and smothered in our delicious Cajun and Asian spices. You’re likely acquainted…
January 30, 2018

The Benefits of Franchising with an Emerging Brand

Starting a business is risky, especially for first-timers – about 20 percent of new businesses fail within a year. The franchise model uses established practices and operations, making it easier for new entrepreneurs to launch a business and control risk. It’s how the average unit in the Angry Crab Shack…
January 21, 2018

Angry Crab Shack Raises Money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital

When Phoenix Children’s Hospital announced to the surrounding community that it needed corporate sponsors to aid in its fundraising efforts, Angry Crab Shack was quick to volunteer. Since then, the restaurant brand signed on for a yearlong partnership, which it expects to create up to $70,000 in donations for the…
January 4, 2018