At Angry Crab Shack we’re committed to bringing perfectly-spiced and butter-drenched crab and seafood to our loyal guests, but we’re also committed to helping prospective business owners achieve their dreams through franchising.

Restaurants are notoriously risky, with high failure rates, but restaurant franchises offer a lower risk option. The corporate support, operations and training help franchise owners start off on the right foot, ready to succeed. A restaurant concept like Angry Crab Shack that is on-trend and fun-to-operate is attracting enthusiastic and driven business owners.

Angry Crab Shack franchise owner, Marc Guevara, is particularly driven. He’s worked at more than 50 different restaurants in his career and continues to build up his experiences and skills every day.

Passionate Student


Marc’s real passions are food, restaurants and cooking, and he knew he wanted more out of his career.  Marc attended culinary school and has been in the restaurant industry for 16 years since. He dabbled in a variety of cuisines having worked at 58 restaurants in total. He was focused on learning, working and visiting as many restaurants as he could to develop and master his skills.

“I wanted to learn a variety of skills,” Marc said. “I’ve been to so many places, I could master a skill and then move onto to the next place. It was really beneficial for my career.”

Not only had Marc worked in a variety of kitchens, he had worked his way up to executive chef and partner at one of the concepts before selling the business.

“I’ve worked with a lot of other up-and-coming concepts,” Marc said. “I’ve seen the growth potential and like to get involved with new concepts on the ground floor. Angry Crab was perfect for me.”

Marc worked with Andy Diamond, president of Angry Crab Franchise, prior to his ownership. The pair worked together on consulting for the brand before Marc took on ownership. With a few years of Angry Crab under his belt, Marc couldn’t be happier with his locations, returns or the brand.

Adaptive Culture


With so much experience in the restaurant industry, Marc works hard to keep his restaurant on the cutting edge of efficiency.

“It’s important to take care of the little things so you can work on the big picture, like guest interaction,” Marc said. “Our concept is unique in that everyone interacts with guests, even the chef. A lot of other concepts aren’t nearly as guest-driven as Angry Crab.”

We’re built on simplicity. Our streamlined kitchen, free of large and complex appliances was a change for Marc, but he has worked to adapt and even make the process more efficient.

“We have worked with the kitchen staff and used my experience to speed up the process without sacrificing quality or guest satisfaction,” Marc said. “I like the challenge of making things as efficient as possible in my restaurant. It’s important to always be improving and never become complacent.”

Marc is excited to expand his Angry Crab Shack reach, continuing to provide outstanding experience and service to his hungry guests.

If you’re interested in learning more about franchising opportunities with Angry Crab Shack contact us directly at (248) 647-1989 or email