Our unique business model

Means you shell out significantly less than other restaurant concepts.

We are looking for experienced multi-unit owners with restaurant or management experience (or have a business partner with this experience). Franchise Owners should be passionate about food, enjoy mentoring and motivating staff, and love seeing guests have fun as they eat great food and spend time together.

Both single and multi-unit development agreements are available.

Happy guys and a crab!

What it takes to own an Angry Crab Shack


Minimum Net Worth Required




Median Initial



**Depending upon size.

TOTAL14, 15$392,160$832,200
Initial Franchise Fee1$40,000$50,000
Option Fee2$0$50,000
Lease Security Deposit$9,500$20,000
Rent for the first 3 months3$12,000$19,000
Real Estate Broker Fees4$0$15,000
Travel and Living Expenses5$4,000$6,000
Leasehold Improvements6$235,000$390,000
Commissary Kitchen7$0$110,100
Opening Inventory8$25,000$35,000
Interior and Exterior
Point of Sale System and Back Office Computer$16,000$20,000
Required Insurance Premiums9$2,500$3,500
Permits and Licenses$4,200$6,000
Annual Software Contract (per year)$960$2,600
Miscellaneous Opening Costs10$1,500$2,500
Grand Opening11$5,000$10,000
Professional Fees12$3,000$5,000
Additional Funds - 3 Month Initial Period$25,000$75,000

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(1) The Initial Franchise Fee is $50,000 for your first, second and third Angry Crab Shacks. The Initial Franchise Fee for your fourth and each subsequent Angry Crab Shack is $40,000. The Initial Franchise Fee will be $40,000 beginning with your first Angry Crab Shack if you are a veteran of the United States military (having been honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces) or a current or former firefighter or police officer. The Initial Franchise Fee is non-refundable. The Initial Franchise Fee includes the training expenses for three (3) individuals. There is a charge of $1,500 per additional person attending the Initial Training Program.

(2) You may execute a Development Agreement at the same time that you execute a Franchise Agreement. In the Development Agreement, Franchisee agrees to open and operate additional Angry Crab Shacks within the Development Area in compliance with the Development Schedule. The applicable Option Fee will be applied to the applicable Initial Franchise Fee, upon execution of a franchise agreement for your additional Angry Crab Shack. The Option Fee is non-refundable. If you and we agree to grant you franchise and development rights in excess of three (3) Angry Crab Shacks, the Option Fee may be greater than the estimated amount. If you are a veteran of the United State military (having been honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces) or a current or former firefighter or police officer, the Option Fee may be lower.

(3) If you do not own a suitable location, you must lease or purchase the premises for your Angry Crab Shack. If you lease the premises, the property owner or sub-landlord will generally require a security deposit, the amount of which generally ranges from one month of monthly rent to six months of monthly rent. The amount of your security deposit will vary according to your area, the type of location (street location, enclosed mall, strip center, or free-standing building), and various other factors. A lease security deposit may be non-refundable and is paid directly to the property owner of the premises. In addition, in certain lease transactions, the property owner may require you, or if you are a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other legal entity, you and your owners, to personally guarantee the lease. If you decide to purchase land and construct your own building or buy an existing building, you can expect to add the cost of the real estate to the total investment indicated in this Item 7 of the Disclosure Document. Real estate costs vary considerably depending on fair market values in your area; size, condition, and location of the premises; and municipal requirements. Construction costs also vary considerably depending on fair market values in your area; size, condition, and location of the premises; labor costs (union versus non-union); and equipment requirements. The square footage generally needed to establish an Angry Crab Shack is between 5500 and 8,000 square feet. This breakdown includes approximately 3,000 square feet of dining space, 1,500-3,500 of kitchen / commissary space, and 1,000-1,500 of bar space. The probable locations for an Angry Crab Shack are a street location, enclosed mall, strip center, or free-standing building with dense residential and strong daytime working populations.

(4) The broker’s fee is typically 3% of the total lease amount and is estimated to be between $5,000 and $15,000 but all or part of the real estate broker’s fee is typically paid by the Landlord.

(5) You must pay the travel and living expenses for three (3) people to attend our training program in Mesa, Arizona. Your travel and living expenses will include airfare, hotel, and food for approximately two (2) weeks. This amount may be significantly higher if you reside in certain remote areas or if you and we agree that you may bring more than three (3) people through the training program.

(6) This amount includes estimated costs of furniture, furnishings, installations, equipment, trade fixtures, and certain other items on your Angry Crab Shack premises, the amount and specific items of which will vary depending upon the location, size, and condition of a particular restaurant. You must purchase restaurant equipment for your Angry Crab Shack from approved vendors and according to our specifications. The list of approved vendors is included in our Confidential Operations Manual. The Landlord may provide some leasehold improvements, but if not, they will be at your expense. The total amount of leasehold improvements for your Angry Crab Shack will vary greatly, depending on the type of premises for your Angry Crab Shack, condition of the premises, and what improvements you require. You must use approved third party architects and project management firms for the design and construction oversight of your Angry Crab Shack. In addition, you must use an approved third party contractors for the construction of your Angry Crab Shack. The list of and/or criteria for approved architects, engineers, and contractors is included in the Confidential Operations Manual.

(7) You will need to a commissary kitchen for the delivery, storage, and preparation of food products to be delivered to each of your Angry Crab Shacks. You will need approximately 1,200-1,500 square feet to house a commissary kitchen. The commissary kitchen may be housed in one of your Angry Crab Shacks, in each of your Angry Crab Shacks, or in a separate building or structure developed to house a commissary kitchen. This Item 7 includes the estimated cost to build one (1) commissary kitchen. If you decide to build a commissary kitchen at each of your locations, something that you are not required to do, your costs may be significantly higher.

(8) As with any retail business, you will purchase inventory continuously as long as you operate your Angry Crab Shack. This figure only represents an estimate of the initial inventory you will be required to purchase in opening your Angry Crab Shack.

(9) You must provide liability insurance equal to or greater than the following minimum insurance coverage requirements for each of your Angry Crab Shacks.


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Start by completing the form

Fill out our contact form and a member of our Franchise Development team will get in touch with you to discuss the information you’ll need to make a strong business decision.

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Attend our webinar

Get a comprehensive overview of the market, franchise opportunity, financial performance of existing locations, support services, and the Angry Crab Shack culture.

Step 3
Learn the details

We’ll share our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which provides pertinent details about the company, our business model, and every aspect of being a Franchise Owner. Then, we’ll schedule time to discuss the document, as well as your preferred market, the number of locations you’re considering, financing, organizational structure, and more.

Step 4
Complete the Franchise Application

Submit a formal franchise application which, contains a personal financial statement and supporting documentation for each Franchise Owner (when applicable). There is no cost associated with submitting your application.

Step 5
Come to Discovery Day and an Operations Tour

You will be invited to attend a Discovery Day at our home office in Mesa, AZ. You will meet the ownership and management team in person and ask any remaining questions you have about the opportunity. You’ll also meet with the operations team and have an on-the-job experience in one of our local Angry Crab Shack restaurants.

Step 6
Take the important next step

After a confirmation by all parties of a successful Discover Day, we will send you a Franchise Development Agreement outlining the restaurant development schedule, as agreed upon by Angry Crab Shack. Upon receipt of the signed agreements and the appropriate franchise fee, we will welcome you to our franchise family!

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Welcome to the team!

Congratulations! You’re ready to begin the real estate search process, which is the first step in your journey to the Grand Opening of your Angry Crab Shack restaurant!

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