On running a profitable restaurant franchise.

It starts with strategic real estate practices that minimize the initial cost of entry and monthly overhead.

We focus our search efforts on second generation restaurant locations that usually include functional kitchens and bars, properly sized utility and HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, and proper zoning.

This reduces build-out costs and limits the time it takes to renovate.

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Our seafood is flavorful and priced right.

We have long-standing relationships with trusted seafood vendors, which allows our Franchise Owners to eliminate the middleman and buy directly from the source. Our purchasing power means higher quality product, lower prices, and greater consistency. Angry Crab Shack has also established pricing programs through Sysco Foods. Franchise Owners can set prices in line with their local market with the help of the home office.


Our Asian Cajun flavor profile is unique to us — and irresistible to your guests.

Our seafood menu is designed to be prepared and served quickly with the freshest seafood and sides cooked in boiling water, then sauced and spiced with our premixed secret recipes (no chef needed).

Because we appeal to many types of people, Angry Crab Shack is a popular choice. So it’s no surprise that Angry Crab Shack copycats are popping up around the nation. Don’t miss your chance to get on board with the original concept that’s delighting our fans and Franchise Owners.


Multiple revenue streams and dayparts set the table for success.


Because we’re fast and friendly, Angry Crab Shack is a popular lunch destination.


When the workday is done, we do a brisk Happy Hour business with bartenders who entertain as well as they serve.


If it’s football season, there’s a game on somewhere.
(Angry Crab Shack Founder and restaurant veteran, Ron Lou, played with the Houston Oilers and Philadelphia Eagles.)


Our dinner business is always bumpin’ with a diverse mix of couples, families, and large groups enjoying our lively atmosphere and each other as they chow down on our craveable, shareable seafood.


Takeout and catering continue to grow in popularity as diners look for more ways to enjoy their meals in more places.



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  • To move forward in the process, you need to have a minimum of $200,000 in liquid capital.