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Ronald Lou Founder

Lou founded Angry Crab Shack in 2013, but it wasn’t his first venture in the restaurant industry. Lou owned the successful C-Fu Gourmet Restaurant in Chandler, AZ. He has acted as President and Chief Executive Officer for Angry Crab Shack Corporation since the brand’s inception. Additionally, Lou acted as owner-operator of six Angry Crab Shack corporate restaurants from 2013 to 2015.
30 years’ experience

Andrew Diamond President

Diamond is President of Angry Crab Shack Franchise, which offers the franchise and supports franchise owners. He previously acted as the Chief Financial Officer of our affiliate Angry Crab Shack Corporation. Diamond is a liaison for franchise owner relations. Additionally, he manages expansion opportunities and, along with his team, assists with operation development.
15 years’ experience

Mike Davis Relationship Manager

Davis serves as an advisor to Angry Crab Shack. His long history in franchise management and restaurant operations includes roles with large brands like Wendy’s. Davis is also a member of our affiliate Angry Crab Shack Corporation.
25 years’ experience

Jason Beck Compliance and Information Manager

Beck began his career with Angry Crab Shack in 2014, assisting with training during the openings of five corporate locations in a two-year period. He’s currently serving as the Director of Compliance and Systems Integration for Angry Crab Shack Corporation. He specializes in store launches and often assists with operation performance measurement and POS system implementation.
15 years’ experience

Justin Coupe Regional Director

Coupe began as Angry Crab Shack’s Beverage Director in 2014. After years of training and managing staff, Coupe took on his current role of West Coast Regional Director in 2016. He assists with marketing campaigns, coordinates special events, mentors managers, communicates corporate policy changes and ensures locations’ adherence to corporate standards, while still managing the beverage program.
27 years’ experience

Edward Cole Regional Director

Cole held a role on the original Angry Crab Shack management team in 2014. Since then, he has managed a flagship location and held the position of Commissary Manager. Today, Cole is the East Coast Regional Director and manages live seafood purchase. He also works to develop staff and create a profitable, guest-first environment.
28 years’ experience

Raul Lopez Head Chef & Culinary Directory

Lopez became Angry Crab Shack’s Regional Chef in 2016. He oversees kitchen operations in all corporate locations, coaches kitchen management, manages food quality, optimizes waste and labor and performs inventory control. Additionally, Lopez assists with food development and special event coordination.
25 years’ experience

Diandra Montano Human Resources

Montano joined Angry Crab Shack in 2016. Her eight years of experience in accounting and administrative roles and five years of experience in the restaurant industry made her a strategic addition to Angry Crab Shack. She previously has worked with other brands like Village Inn and Restaurant.
12 years’ experience

Dan Whitlatch Regional Manager

Whitlatch joined the management team in 2016 and has served as a Regional Manager since 2017. He audits management to standardize processes and ensure quality. Whitlatch manages social media inquiries and assists in marketing promotions.
15 years’ experience

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