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Once you start making a difference in people’s lives, you want to keep doing it. In 2018, Angry Crab Shack raised and donated more than $100,000 to two local organizations whose mission is to help people – Arizona Veterans StandDown Alliance and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We’ve also served as the title sponsor for the Kwamie Lassiter Foundation Bowl-a-Thon in the past and will do so again this September.

All of us at Angry Crab Shack are passionate about giving back to our local community. We look forward to continuing our efforts in 2019 and beyond.

Take Care of Those Who Take Care for Us

Last year, we donated more than $25,000 to Arizona Veterans StandDown Alliance through our July promotion, “You Dine, We Donate.” We collected 25 cents for every guest that came into our restaurants that month and donated the sum to help veterans and their families who need housing assistance. This year, Angry Crab Shack and its Franchise Owners raised over $40,000 through this promotion.

“It’s one way Angry Crab Shack can take care of the men and women who take care of us,” said Andy Diamond, president of Angry Crab Shack.

Taking note of Angry Crab Shack’s philanthropic efforts, several of our vendors pitched in to help by donating to the organization, too.

Arizona Veteran StandDown AllianceEveryone’s Happy in Long-Term Relationship

Our efforts to support the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, which strives to provide the best quality healthcare for children and their families in the Southwest, began at the end of 2017 and have not let up. To date, Angry Crab Shack has raised more than $75,000 through sales of Cajun Fries and root beer floats. We donate $1 to the hospital for each of those menu items ordered.

“Our guests were extremely happy that we partnered with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and that it’s a long-term partnership,” Andy said.

Our employees were equally happy to partner with the hospital that provides so many services to children in Arizona. We’re a company that believes in giving back and being family oriented, so it pleases our employees that we walk the talk. When we asked employees if they wanted to tour the hospital and learn more about what it provides to patients, their positive response was overwhelming. We did six tours with 15 to 20 employees on each tour.

Phoenix Children's Hospital Give-A-Thon

Keep up the Good Work

In 2019 and beyond, we plan to continue supporting Arizona Veterans StandDown Alliance and Phoenix Children’s Hospital, as well as the Kwamie Lassiter Foundation, which promotes healthy lifestyles and spreading awareness of sickle cell anemia.

Angry Crab Shack also continues to support local community organizations, such as high school sports teams, through sponsorships.

By Helping Others, We Help Ourselves

By contributing to the wellbeing of our communities, Angry Crab Shack is a good neighbor that gets noticed. While our intentions are altruistic, our efforts are rewarded by our guests. Community involvement has a powerful impact on a brand’s reputation and bottom line. For example, 87 percent of consumers will purchase from a company that supports an issue they care about.

Plus, by helping your community, you also make your employees happier. Naturally, your employees live in the community your brand is helping, and your efforts show you care. Therefore, employee production typically improves and you are able to retain them longer. Employees also are more inclined to become brand ambassadors when they’re proud of the place where they work.

And, a happy restaurant environment, like those at our Angry Crab Shack locations, influences guests to spend more and become loyal customers.

If you’re interested in getting involved with a restaurant franchise brand that gives back to the community, contact us today.


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