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Avoiding Full-Service Restaurant Concepts Because of High Overhead? Think Again

By March 5, 2018May 3rd, 2023No Comments

Many aspiring entrepreneurs avoid restaurant franchises due to risk, as well as high startup and operating costs. But did you know there are full-service restaurant concepts with low overhead and high ROI?

Angry Crab Shack’s unique model makes it possible for a full-service restaurant to operate with low overhead and high revenue. The estimated average initial investment ranges from $400,000 to $830,000, falling well below other restaurants concepts. Other full-service concepts require initial investments starting in the millions.

Learn how Angry Crab keeps overhead low and revenue high through simplified operations and low overhead – and how this produces a higher return on investment for franchise owners:

Low Overhead

low overhead

Angry Crab keeps it simple, from our casual feel and décor to our meals served in the boil-in bags we use to cook them in. This simplicity allows us to keep operating costs low.

Our delicious menu hinges on simple, perfectly seasoned boiled shellfish. Franchise owners save with no need for high tech appliances, reducing initial build out costs. Our kitchens don’t require an expansive staff, so franchise owners can also save on payroll.

Lower operating costs allow for a wider variety of entrepreneurs to invest. It also creates sustained profitability for franchisees.

Corporate Support

corporate support

Choosing a site for a restaurant can be a challenging step. With variables like street traffic and surrounding stores, it can be difficult to identify the best choice. Additionally, rent prices vary widely, and owners want to make sure they don’t get stuck with unaffordable fixed costs. Before you sign on the dotted line, Angry Crab Shack corporate support guides you through the site selection process with its unique approach.

Our experienced corporate team utilizes innovative money-saving tactics to benefit franchise owners. They encourage franchise owners to make use of second-generation real estate. This means our team helps you search for real estate that’s already been occupied. Instead of a full build out, these spaces only require refurbishments. As a result, franchise owners have access to prime locations at lower prices.

High Return On Investment

Our concept has shown a high return on investment with a 9.2% estimated unit return on sales. Our delicious and affordable menu items drive strong revenue, and the low costs mean high returns for franchise owners. Overall, our concept does full-service better and tastier than our competitors.

If you’re shying away from full-service restaurant concepts due to cost, Angry Crab Shack has a solution for that. Our system executes a full-service restaurant concept without the high price tag, through simple operations and low start-up costs.

If you’re searching for a restaurant franchise opportunity with low overhead, get started learning about franchising with Angry Crab Shack!


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