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How Angry Crab Shack Differentiates Our Concept from Competitors

By August 8, 2018May 3rd, 2023No Comments

While there are other seafood restaurant concepts, Angry Crab Shack’s unique, family style restaurant has been thriving among competition. Our brand is focused on high-quality seafood for the right price and the experience that comes with dining at one of our restaurants.

While our concept is unique in its execution, other seafood brands have attempted to replicate our high standards. Though some imitators have attempted to reach our audience, our amazing flavors and family-style experience are aspects that our competitors just can’t replicate.

After our first year in business, we were motivated to expand when wait times at our original location exceeded an hour. Now with seven locations in the Phoenix area, the tasty, top-notch spices, high quality seafood and experience guests receive at our restaurants is unmatched. Angry Crab is more than just a great stop for dinner. Our restaurants’ popularity among guests makes it a profitable franchise opportunity.

How We Spice It Up

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Cajun and Asian flavors are hot right now, and fusion concepts are giving franchises an avenue for innovation. At Angry Crab, we have taken advantage of this opportunity and perfected our tasty menu and delectable spice blend.

Cajun spices bring the heat and color from ingredients like paprika and cayenne, while Asian spices fill out the savory flavor with ginger and garlic. A perfect mix of these two flavor profiles creates the signature Angry Crab taste that keeps our guests loyal. Our profits are evidence of that loyalty — last year locations averaged $3 million in annual sales.

On top of the unique and memorable flavors, our fish and seafood quality is unbeatable. Guests are hooked by our high-quality product and enticing spice blend from their first visit.

Hometown Eats, Family Experience


Our welcoming, family-style company and in-store culture have always been a top priority. We were founded on it and work to give guests that experience too.

Justin Coupe, Beverage Director for Angry Crab has been with the company nearly since its inception and has seen a variety of changes over the years. But one thing has remained constant: the experience that comes with eating at Angry Crab Shack.

“We eat backyard style here,” Justin said. “We roll up our sleeves and enjoy. With everyone so buried in a phone or device these days, we lose that personal connection over a meal. But at Angry Crab, you’re using your hands to eat and can’t check your phone. We find our dining room always a little louder than your average restaurant.”

Our restaurant style and the welcoming atmosphere allow guests to chat over a meal and enjoy authentic company.

Our spiced- to-perfection meals and the dining experience set us apart from other seafood joints and restaurants. As a top choice for guests and franchise owners, we continue to see growth across Arizona and are ready to bring the concept nationwide.

If you’re interested in a restaurant concept that blows the competition out of the water, contact us to learn more about franchise opportunities with Angry Crab Shack.


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