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How Angry Crab Shack is Improving Operations in 2023: Meet Brian Herskovets

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With a probable recession ahead, franchising provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to capitalize on a  proven model, all-inclusive support system and brand recognition. Even through the pandemic, Angry Crab Shack made big waves in the seafood restaurant industry. When they hired Brian Herskovets as their Director of Franchise Operations in July of 2022, they set their franchise up for continued success in 2023.

Angry Crab Shack – Brian

Combining Decades of Restaurant Experience

One of the reasons Angry Crab Shack has managed to stay afloat during uncertain times is because of its strong and seasoned leadership team. As the latest addition, Brian will use his 20 plus years of restaurant experience to improve franchise operations for the rapidly-growing seafood brand.

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful restaurant business – and it all starts with giving guests what they want. From your training to your technology and people, each plays a vital role in delivering a superior experience.

Research and a Proactive Approach

When stepping into any new role, the first step is evaluation. Brian’s first task with Angry Crab Shack was conducting a thorough SWOT Analysis to determine where the franchise is exceeding expectations and where improvements could be made.

Having joined the brand during the supply chain disruptions and labor shortage brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, he knew only certain factors were within his control, so he started planning for what he and the Angry Crab Shack team could do to help its Franchise Partners.

One of the biggest strengths Brian came across was Angry Crab Shack’s established vendor relationships, which ensure Franchise Partners have enough inventory, stable pricing and healthy profit margins. In 2023, he hopes to take these agreements to the next level by seeking out additional partnerships.

Brian knows that the best resource of all to improve the franchise comes from the Franchise Partners themselves. In addition to developing strong relationships with each of them, his team will develop both short and long-term strategies for each Franchise Partner that includes a monthly review to identify best practices and ensure incremental improvement.

2021-08 Food-Photoshoot-07

Consistent Quality

One of the most important elements of a successful franchise is delivering a consistent, high quality guest experience throughout the network. Guests who visit an Angry Crab Shack restaurant 100 miles away from their usual location should experience the same quality meal and memorable experience.

Maintaining consistency can be difficult to achieve when preparing and serving seafood. Back-of-house operations play a major role in food quality. Efficient processes, careful handling of the food and timely delivery to our guests are all essential to a consistent, high-quality experience for our guests.

From investing in back-of-house operations, food packaging and collaboration with its Franchise Partners, Angry Crab Shack will continue to put quality at the forefront of its focus through 2023 and beyond.

A Year of Innovation

These days, technology is used for almost everything and at Angry Crab Shack, it plays an integral role in staff training and the integration between back-of-house and front-of-house operations.

Angry Crab Shack’s online training platform, CrabLab, gives Franchise Partners and employees everything they need to achieve success, including video training modules and standard operating procedures.

The beloved seafood brand also uses Momos, an all-in-one restaurant growth platform, for superior guest engagement and marketing. This not only helps with guest communications but also with reputation management.

2022-09 Jambalaya-01

Boosting Profitability

Together, research, quality control, marketing and technology will help drive success, growth, customer loyalty and ultimately, improved profitability.

Brian and the rest of the Angry Crab Shack team are preparing for a “full speed ahead” approach in 2023 that includes new marketing campaigns to drive guest traffic, programs to maximize earnings and refined systems to reduce operating costs.

Brian’s ultimate goal is to open 10-15 new Angry Crab Shacks per year while continuously updating and improving all aspects of franchise operations.

Are you looking for a reliable franchising opportunity in 2023? Contact us today to learn more about opening an Angry Crab Shack in your area!


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