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How Franchisors Can Jump Start Local Marketing Initiatives

By March 19, 2018July 24th, 2023No Comments

When a new business enters a market with limited brand recognition, it’s critical to build local awareness quickly. Generating buzz about a new brand through local marketing fosters a guest base and creates a connection with the community.

While franchise owners often take the initiative with local marketing efforts, franchisors should get involved, as well. A good franchisor is invested in the profitability of each location and does all it can to set owners up for success. By jumpstarting local outreach and sharing best practices, franchisors help their partners establish strong presences in their surrounding communities.

Just as franchisors develop proven procedures and operations for owners, local marketing presents an additional opportunity to lead by example. Angry Crab Shack assists our owners with local marketing so they can hit the ground running. If you’re wondering how franchisors can optimize local marketing, here are some tips to get you started:

Where to Start

Franchising is all about equipping owners with the right tools to execute the business model. It’s important to treat local marketing the same way. Franchisors should spend time training franchise owners on the local marketing tactics that work well for the brand.

According to Angry Crab Shack President Andy Diamond, marketing is a large component of Angry Crab franchise partner training.

“During training at headquarters, each new owner meets with the head of marketing to talk strategy,” Diamond said. “We make sure to set aside time for these meetings because marketing is just as important as what goes on in the kitchen.”

Some franchise owners shy away from local marketing, either from a lack of knowhow or because they don’t see the importance. Angry Crab educates franchise partners on the benefits of local marketing and even works it into the franchise model. Angry Crab franchise owners put two percent of gross revenue toward local marketing. This investment creates incentive to implement local marketing and encourages creativity and enthusiasm.

Angry Crab Shack’s Approach

Real Estate

Angry Crab starts its local marketing online. Our corporate team uses search engine optimization strategies to reach consumers searching online for nearby seafood or Cajun restaurants. If a franchisor builds a strong online presence, franchise owners can add to it with local pages like social media and event calendars.

“Our franchise owners invest in us, and we really want to invest in them in return,” Diamond said. “We want to give them all the tools and support they need to succeed.”

Corporate also encourages franchise partners to get involved with local community programs, fundraisers and schools. Corporate-owned locations help with summer block parties and sponsor local sports teams. Setting this example gives franchise owners ideas for their own stores and encourages them to foster local relationships.

Angry Crab also utilizes unique local marketing strategies to increase sales, like customizing in-store merchandise to fit the territory. For example, Angry Crab T-shirts come in orange and purple for the Phoenix Suns. Franchise partners can use the design to make shirts in a local school or sport team’s colors.

Franchisors can jump start local marketing by creating a solid foundation for franchise partners to build on. Whether that’s through fundraisers or fun T-shirts, local marketing is essential to generate brand awareness and a large guest base.

If you’re interested in a franchise with strong support systems and an investment in local marketing initiatives, get started here!


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