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How Niche Restaurant Concepts Drive Sales

By April 24, 2018January 5th, 2024No Comments

Americans love going out to eat, especially experience-driven millennials. So why are some traditional casual dining restaurants struggling? Establishments like Applebee’s and IHOP have closed hundreds of locations and scrambled to attract millennial consumers.

The answer is pretty simple—everyone’s had a burger before.

Traditional, vanilla restaurant fare isn’t cutting it anymore. We’ve seen the burgers, wings and pizza again and again, and consumers are now looking for exceptional food and experiences when they spend money in restaurants.

Unique concepts create more buzz among restaurant-goers. While we’ve all had a slice of pepperoni pizza, not everyone has tried Cajun-style boiled shellfish. A niche concept like Angry Crab Shack leverages its uniqueness to drive brand awareness.

The proof is in our results. Angry Crab franchise partners experienced a 9.2% estimated unit return on sales in 2017. The on-trend concept meets the demand from today’s consumers and uses its one-of-a-kind environment to boost sales for franchise partners.

The Asian Cajun Seafood Market

DSC_0668 #2

Seafood is growing in popularity because of a push to eat healthier and an increase in new flavor combinations. In fact, Americans now consume more fish than they have in 20 years. Some of the most popular flavors for seafood come from Japanese, Cajun and Hawaiian influences.

It’s no surprise that in the melting pot of America, ethnic fusion is leading the trends. Asian Cajun fusion combines spicy Cajun notes with savory Vietnamese staples like garlic and butter. This blend appeals to a wide variety of consumers and ignites a curiosity that a burger—even with a fried egg on it—just doesn’t.

Experience Dining

Grow With Us Parallax

Millennials, with smaller disposable incomes and a pronounced desire for good times over nice things, are running the experience economy. This means younger consumers want to have an engaging experience and go home with a fun memory. They want to make sure that when they do splurge, it’s worth it. Run-of-the-mill casual dining restaurants don’t live up to these expectations.

A concept like Angry Crab Shack caters directly to this preference. Our juicy, delicious seafood is served in the bag it’s boiled in, allowing guests to dig in with their hands and get cracking. It’s messy, but it’s memorable. This presentation saves time and resources for owners and creates lasting memories among families and friends. Enthusiastic guests also leave notes on the walls, a kind of graffiti to show their gratitude.

The on-trend menu and atmosphere differentiate Angry Crab from other casual dining concepts, and they attracts new guests each day. In fact, the brand initially expanded because wait times at the first location got too long. This fervor from guests motivated Angry Crab to grow into the franchise brand it is today.

To learn more about this on-trend concept and our owners’ success, get started here!


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