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Family Entrepreneurship | Owning a Franchise

By March 15, 2024May 8th, 2024No Comments
updated: May 8, 2024

We always love to celebrate all of those at Angry Crab Shack who juggle two of the most rewarding jobs out there: entrepreneurship and motherhood. Late last year, Darlene Morris partnered with her daughter, Mia Scott, to bring the first Angry Crab Shack to Atlanta.

From their diverse backgrounds to transitioning in their careers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo has loved taking the leap into entrepreneurship as a family – and they’re still just getting started.

Combining Two Worlds into One

Darlene and Mia come from very different backgrounds. Darlene will use her leadership background in education to manage the restaurant’s finances and charitable initiatives, while Mia, an entertainment business attorney, will oversee the location’s long-term growth strategy. Together, they’ve hired nearly 50 employees for their new Angry Crab Shack location.

“Great food, bringing families together, and giving back – these were our main priorities for us when we looked at different businesses to invest in. Given its strong profit margins and steady growth nationwide, the Angry Crab Shack brand is the perfect fit for our first family business,” said Darlene.


A Truly Unique Location

The family’s Angry Crab Shack restaurant is one of a kind, as it’s located in the heart of Atlantic Station, a national example of sustainable mixed-use communities. Atlantic Station was converted from an abandoned industrial site to a thriving retail and entertainment district and is now home to dozens of stores, restaurants, and offices.

“As a family-friendly neighborhood restaurant, Angry Crab Shack is a great addition to our lineup of restaurants at Atlantic Station,” said Phil Purdom, Director of Southeast Retail Real Estate for Hines. “Angry Crab brings a unique dining experience with its Asian-Cajun flavors and interactive style. Whatever our guests are looking for, Atlantic Station will continue to offer a diversified culinary mix that satisfies every taste bud.”


By Families, for Families

Darlene and Mia are not the first family to open an Angry Crab Shack together, and they enjoy working side-by-side each day to serve those in their community.

“We are overjoyed to come together as a family to open this unique, fun seafood restaurant that is known for its delicious food, charitable endeavors and family-friendly dining experience,” shared Darlene Morris.

Darlene’s daughter, Mia, agreed. “It’s a learning curve to balance family with work,” she said. “But we’re really embracing each of our roles and loving every moment.”

Through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Angry Crab Shack continues to grow. By 2025, Angry Crab Shack plans to have 100 stores open and operating.


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