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This Seafood Concept Can Thrive in Any Market

By April 3, 2018May 3rd, 2023No Comments

It doesn’t take a coastal city or a beachy vibe to create a successful seafood concept. Angry Crab Shack, the casual Cajun-inspired seafood joint, is thriving in the landlocked, desert state of Arizona. Even as a full-service restaurant concept, Angry Crab Shack’s franchise model touts low overhead and high revenue with the average unit in our system grossing more than $3 million annually.

There’s a gap in the seafood market for affordable and casual options, and the Angry Crab concept is ready to meet this need across the country. Here are a few reasons this seafood concept can succeed in any market:

The Seafood Craze

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Seafood often serves as a healthier meat alternative and has long been a staple in various international diets, with American consumption landing near the bottom of the list. The average American now eats 15.5 pounds of fish and shellfish per year—the highest amount in 20 years. Seafood contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, calcium, iron and magnesium, among other helpful nutrients. These healthy vitamins and minerals aid brain function, can reduce depression and are part of a healthy diet.

As we see an increase in seafood consumption, certain flavors dominate the market, including those from Japanese, Hawaiian and Cajun traditions. Angry Crab combines Cajun and Asian culinary influences to capitalize on the popularity of these flavors. The blend of the spicy and citrus-based flavors makes for a standout product that attracts a variety of guests. This seafood craze isn’t just a trend – the popularity is here to stay.

Our Proven Model


Coastal states have long dominated the seafood dining scene, with states like California, Massachusetts and Hawaii boasting some of the most popular seafood destinations in the nation. However, this doesn’t mean the seafood craze is limited to these regions. High quality seafood can be found all across the nation.

Angry Crab Shack’s popularity has boomed in Arizona, a landlocked state, because guests love the flavors and atmosphere. Repeat sales and high revenue helped the brand flourish in the Southwest region and prove seafood can thrive far from the coast.

Through this expansion, Angry Crab has perfected its sourcing and shipping methods. Franchise partners can rest easy knowing there are proven processes in place to help them get fresh seafood daily for hungry guests.

This emerging brand is built for growth, and franchise owners benefit from a close relationship with the company. Angry Crab’s on-trend concept, fun dining environment and proven model present a profitable opportunity for entrepreneurs.

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