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What’s the Outlook for Casual Dining Franchises?

By October 20, 2021May 3rd, 2023No Comments

Good news is in store for the casual dining industry as the nation continues to progress forward from a challenging last year. According to Moody, the US restaurant industry is predicted to see a 15% increase in profits in 2021.

CBS News also reported a 2021 first-quarter analysis showed the US economy experienced the fastest rate of economic growth since the third quarter of 2003. Dining out was noted as a contributing factor to the growth as consumers have been eager to resume their spending habits as COVID-19 cases decrease and vaccinations rise.

Local restrictions continue to lift across the country and Americans gradually return to in-door dining. Casual dining franchises can take advantage of this increased customer demand.

Angry Crab Shack branded face masks.

A New Way to dine-in

Full-service restaurants are in a prime position as minimum capacity dine-in restrictions continue to lift across the country, and guests are eager to share meals with family and friends. However, a new dining experience is underway as guests will still expect the same restaurant experience they’ve been accustomed to pre-COVID, while more recent COVID-safe procedures will now be required. Restaurants are now tasked with catering to both customer needs: creating a memorable and safe dining experience in order to get guests in their doors.

“We’re all about creating an inviting atmosphere at Angry Crab Shack. Our festive décor, family-style dining room, fresh seafood with Asian-Cajun flavors and exceptional hospitality are just some of the things that make dining at Angry Crab Shack such a memorable experience for our guests,” explained Andy Diamond, President of Angry Crab Shack.

Rate your experience customer satisfaction review Five Stars on mobile phone screen. Business technology concept.Convenience is Still King

While complete recovery for full-service restaurants will take time, there are favorable tailwinds, thanks to Angry Crab Shack’s ongoing omni-channel offerings. Even as restrictions lift, Moody noted consumers are more comfortable using off-premise channels than they were last year. “This is another excellent opportunity our franchise owners can continue to take advantage of,” noted Diamond.

As Restaurant Dive noted, the pandemic “forced the foodservice industry to innovate or die.” Diamond concurs… “When lockdowns struck the nation last year, we continued to refine our brand and expand our restaurant franchise. In 2020, we opened our 12th store and developed contactless delivery and takeout options to accommodate our guests.”

“While the casual dining industry experienced many challenges last year, Angry Crab Shack beat the odds thanks to the unparalleled quality of our food, consistency and agile response. Our variety of online ordering, delivery and takeout options allowed us to carve out a space for ourselves last year within the casual dine-in restaurant category. We also remained dedicated to giving back through philanthropic initiatives in the communities that support us.”

“This year, we intend to keep the momentum going and to continue catering to our guests by offering them multiple, convenient and safe ways to enjoy our delicious food, whether they dine in or take out.”

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