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Why Angry Crab Shack is Great for First-Time Restaurant Owners

By May 9, 2018May 3rd, 2023No Comments

Opening a restaurant can be an exhilarating – and sometimes overwhelming – experience for many first-time owners. After all, first-timers typically lack the industry know-how that seasoned veterans have like labor management, financial performance and monitoring and reporting and food cost management, among many others.

Fortunately, first-time restaurateurs don’t have to go it alone. Franchising is a proven business model that enables people from multiple walks of life to become business owners while also receiving training, marketing and operations support from a franchisor. The support structures franchise systems provide new operators help eliminate common stumbling blocks and increases restaurant success rates.

A growing brand like Angry Crab Shack goes above and beyond the franchising norms of established practices and breaks new ground for restaurant franchise opportunities. Franchise owners join a brand that has tapped into multiple consumer trends through a growing, full-service concept that keeps operations simple and ROI high. Here’s why a restaurant franchise opportunity like this is great for first-time owners.

Emerging Brand

angry crab is an Emerging Brand

An emerging brand like Angry Crab Shack is a smart choice for new restaurateurs. The brand is still growing, so we offer benefits like more direct access to the franchisor and nearly unrestricted market opportunities.

A strong franchisor-franchise owner relationship is particularly important for new restaurant owners, who likely have a variety of questions and require more guidance than an experienced owner. Angry Crab Shack is committed to fostering close relationships to guide each franchise owner to mirror the success of the brand’s most successful locations.

Additionally, emerging brands offer more territory flexibility, making it easier to fit into an owner’s business plan. Larger brands may struggle with market saturation, but Angry Crab is prepared to expand nationwide and bring our on-trend concept to a variety of new guests.

On-Trend Concept

On-Trend Concept

Millennials, the largest living generation, spend an outsized portion of their income on restaurants – nearly double that of Baby Boomers and over 6 percent more than Gen Xers. But more than that, younger generations are looking for experience-driven dining experiences, with 78 percent of millennials saying they’d prefer to spend money on an experience rather than just a consumer good. Fortunately, experience is at the heart of Angry Crab Shack’s restaurant concept.

Our tasty seafood is boiled and served in the same bag, served steaming hot to guests who have the unique pleasure of cracking open the impeccably seasoned shellfish right at their table. Guests show their love for the savory seafood and local business by tagging the walls with their names and creating lasting memories they can return to in the future. The writing on the walls contributes to the ambiance and experience that is Angry Crab Shack.

On top of the experience is the succulent seafood, flavored to perfection with a blend of Cajun and Asian spices. Angry Crab is able to position itself in this underdeveloped niche food category. As a result, a concept like Angry Crab is easier to market and attract guests than restaurant concepts in oversaturated categories, including pizza, burgers and chicken. This works well for first-time owners who may not have marketing expertise to carry out community outreach, event planning or digital marketing. The concept attracts new guests through the quality of food, service and experience and keeps them coming back.

Franchise Model

Franchise Model bar backdrop

Full-service restaurants can be a complicated operation for someone without restaurant experience; that’s where franchising comes in. A restaurant franchise concept is built on a well-developed and perfected business model. It’s the ideal stepping stone for newcomers to get into the restaurant industry.

Angry Crab’s simple food and concept is a win-win for new restaurant franchise owners. For example, our seafood is boiled and served in the same bag. This eliminates the need for a large and complicated kitchen full of expensive appliances. Our simple concept saves time and money for franchise owners while still serving delicious seafood to our loyal guests.

The concept is thriving in the Phoenix, Ariz. area. Owners saw a 5:1 sales to initial investment ratio. Typically, franchise owners are forced to pick simple operations or high ROI, but Angry Crab has developed a model that allows you to have both. It’s such a versatile brand, made for a variety of owners, from first-timers to veterans looking to add to their multi-brand, multi-unit portfolios.

If you’re looking into owning your first restaurant franchise, learn more about the Angry Crab Shack franchising opportunity by contacting us today.


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