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Our franchise owners are the engine that keeps the Angry Crab Shack ship running. They are essential in the service, reputation and growth of our business. But they’re also part of our Angry Crab Shack family.

We don’t call our franchise owners “franchisees.” We call them what they are: franchise owners. We want to know them as a friend and business partner. They are as much a part of the Angry Crab Shack family as any corporate team member.

At Angry Crab Shack, culture is paramount. It’s bold, unique, exciting and most importantly, welcoming. Our franchise owners play an important role in capturing that culture for their guests, so it’s important we choose our franchise owners carefully.

If you’re interested in owning your own Angry Crab Shack, here’s four things we look for in a franchise owner.

1. Passion for Food

This is a no-brainer. If you want to own an Angry Crab Shack, you’ve got to love seafood. But not only that – you need to love the dining experience.

A meal at Angry Crab Shack is unique. Our delicious, boiled, Asian Cajun seafood turns heads and keeps our guests coming back for more. Our franchise owners need to share that same excitement for our menu and bring authentic passion to their guests’ dining experiences.

Angry Crab Shack seafood boil

2. Willing to Work

The fun that comes from owning an Angry Crab Shack isn’t had without hard work. Our franchise owners are focused on delivering an authentic Angry Crab Shack meal and experience for each and every guest.

As a franchise owner, you’re responsible for ensuring you hire a team of all-star Angry Crab Shack employees that run operations smoothly. While we offer any aid you need to thrive, it’s ultimately up to you to guide your Angry Crab Shack ship to success.

3. Previous Restaurant Experience

If you have previous restaurant or managerial experience when applying to become an Angry Crab Shack franchise owner, you may have a leg up.

Naturally, candidates with relevant business ownership experience are attractive to us. They enjoy mentoring and motivating their employees, which is a key trait for business owners. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that they’ve proven they can run a business and satisfy their guests, which gives us confidence they’ll quickly have their Angry Crab Shack running successfully.

Angry Crab Shack Back of House

4. Want to Create a Unique Experience for Guests

There’s so many things that separates Angry Crab Shack from our competitors. Chief among them is the unique dining experience our franchise owners give their guests.

Our food presentation is the definition of Instagram-worthy. Our boiled seafood is served in plastic bags mixed with our delicious signature spices. Families are invited to dig into our delectable menu offerings with their hands and, of course, an Angry Crab Shack bib.

Adding to the meal is our trademark atmosphere. From our Mardi Gras-inspired interior design to the hundreds of names scrawled across our walls, Angry Crab Shack doesn’t look like most seafood restaurants. Guests are invited to relax, have fun and sign our walls after their meal. Our infectious energy perfectly suits children and adults alike.

As an Angry Crab Shack franchise owner, you’re in charge of delivering this guest experience day-in and day-out. For those eager for the opportunity to put smiles on families’ faces with their business ownership, Angry Crab Shack is for you.

Do you think you have the traits we’re looking for in our next all-star Angry Crab Shack franchise owner? Contact us today!


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