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How Angry Crab Grew their Digital Marketing Footprint to Benefit Franchise Owners

By September 11, 2018May 3rd, 2023No Comments

An online presence is crucial for businesses nowadays, and a simple company website isn’t enough. You need to be present on any and all platforms your guests use—whether that is social media or other smartphone apps. A comprehensive presence integrates your brand with guests’ daily social scrolling.

The following strategies can help your restaurant franchise build an engaged online presence:

Make Your Online Presence a Priority

Most new guests will search online before visiting a new restaurant, so be sure you have a presence prior to opening. Start with a strong website, consistent social profiles on all platforms and claim your business on Google and Yelp. When guests get curious about the new hot spot, they’ll be able to find your contact information and customer reviews easily.

These profiles give your restaurant a chance to communicate with guests and build hype around your opening. Once you establish this presence, be sure to keep it updated. Add information about your opening, limited-time offers and special promotions. With this foundation, you can begin to engage your audience.

Angry Crab Shack has nailed this concept. Each of our location-specific Facebook pages has amassed tens of thousands of active followers. Success with these pages has raised brand awareness and attracted new customers.

Engage Your Followers

Once you established your pages, you can focus on building a following and engaging those followers. These pages can act as an open forum for questions, reviews and restaurant updates. Social media users are more likely to trust an individual over a brand post, so authentic brand pages can organically build awareness.

Additional strategies like social contests and in-store signage that lists social handles can encourage more guests to follow your business online. A company hashtag can help you track guests’ posts and user-generated content—which is often easy to find online.

At the same time, younger guests are more likely to visit a restaurant specifically for photo opportunities they can share on social media. At Angry Crab Shack, we benefit from a naturally “Instagrammable” concept. Guests love to use our Angry Crab bibs to take a new Instagram photo. We use this user-generate content on our social pages and even in-store to create an interactive experience for guests.

An online presence is a crucial part of modern business. It’s a way to communicate with guests and keep them updated. Angry Crab’s established digital footprint is a benefit for new franchise owners. We have the expertise to build your social following and leverage it to encourage in-store visits.

If you’re interested in getting involved with a restaurant franchise brand with the right digital marketing tools, contact us today to get started!


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