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Angry Crab Shack doesn’t have a monopoly on seafood. Other seafood restaurant franchise concepts are competing for our target demographic. But between the opposing QSRs, full-service and fine-dining seafood restaurants, Angry Crab Shack stands alone as something truly unique.

At Angry Crab Shack, we outshine our competition at every turn, from our signature spices to our guest loyalty.

A Look at the Landscape

Seafood is a particularly versatile segment of the food industry. It can be served in a number of settings and styles with a large variation in price range. From the most expensive, fine-dining experience to a grab-and-go drive-thru, seafood has established itself as a delicious and adaptable meal for all ages and situations.

When it comes to seafood restaurant franchises, the space has its competitors. However, many of them serve straight-forward, traditional seafood and can often blend together. Without a unique culinary flare or one-of-a-kind atmosphere, it can be difficult for someone interested in becoming a franchise owner to choose which seafood restaurant franchise is right for them.

Angry Crab Shack seafood boilWhat Separates Angry Crab Shack

Not all seafood is created equal.

At Angry Crab Shack, we make our superior seafood paramount. Despite all the reasons guests have to come to an Angry Crab Shack, it ultimately comes down to our food. Our seafood is boiled to perfection and placed in a bag with our signature spices, deliciously mixing Asian and Cajun flavors.

The rise of Asian Cajun seafood is spiking in popularity. The unorthodox food fusion has seafood junkies clamoring for more, and Angry Crab Shack is happy to oblige.

Not only do we offer this mouth-watering blend of seafood, but we offer it at an affordable price point. And, we also offer non-seafood items. This allows us to cater to a wider demographic, including families with children who often display varying tastes. We serve something for everyone, from calamari and lobster to potato salads and cheeseburgers. Our diverse menu is devised from our family-centric atmosphere.

Happy family at Angry Crab Shack

Our fun and welcoming setting encourages families to spend a lunch or dinner at an Angry Crab Shack. Our Mardi Gras-inspired atmosphere is unique among the seafood restaurant franchise industry and offers a warm and energetic dining experience for anyone, whether it’s a family of five enjoying a meal together or coworkers unwinding after a long day.

The fun that comes from eating our boiled seafood from a bag full of our signature sauces fits perfectly with the boisterous atmosphere of Angry Crab Shack. We provide guests more than a meal. We give them memorable dining experiences that they won’t soon forget and a reason to keep returning to their favorite Angry Crab Shack location.

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