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4 Ways Angry Crab Shack Creates a Fun and Unique Family Experience

By August 30, 2022June 20th, 2024No Comments

Did you know August is National Family Fun Month? At Angry Crab Shack, family always comes first! From those who work at their restaurants to the guests who walk through their doors, Angry Crab Shack offers a dining experience where families can chow down on their famous seafood boil, featuring bold Asian Cajun flavors, to make memories and have plenty of fun!

Embracing A No Phone Zone

Nowadays, parents know how difficult it is to go anywhere without everyone being on their phones. Because of the unique way Angry Crab Shack’s meals are served, it’s rare to see a table of families scrolling away when you walk into one of their restaurants.

Having your table as your plate and hands as your utensils allow guests to dig into their seafood boils with their bare hands, while the brand’s complimentary bibs protect the family’s favorite “going out shirts” so they can enjoy the unique, southern flavors together.

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A Focus on Experiential Dining

The fun doesn’t stop there! Walking into an Angry Crab Shack restaurant, they’re transported into a whole other world. Their restaurants are designed so that families truly feel as though they’re having a backyard boil.

Plus, kids and parents alike can mark their memories on the walls of our restaurants, writing their names or a special message to look back on.

Options for Everyone

With Angry Crab Shack’s diverse and customizable menu, every family member is sure to find a meal they can’t get enough of. Guests can choose from several different sauces, spices and add-ons to build their own seafood boils.

Plus, Angry Crab Shack offers much more than seafood – from chicken to burgers and vegetarian items. Finally, the restaurant offers over a dozen sides so that families can try a little something different every time they come in.


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Building A Family Business

Not only are Angry Crab Shack’s restaurants the perfect place for families to dine, but they’re also a great place to work. Several franchise partners have brought family members on board.

Karen and James Masse, a husband-and-wife duo out of Washington, loved Angry Crab Shack so much that they decided to open up their own.

“For generations, my whole family has been working professionals. While they’ve all done well, they never left anything for their kids,” James explained. “So we wanted to make sure we were investing in the future of our kids.”

Meanwhile, multi-unit owner Will Gardner’s four sons loved the brand so much that they all work with him at one of his Phoenix-area locations.

“From the first time we visited an Angry Crab Shack, my sons loved it and begged us to go back – years later, they help me serve our guests,” Will explained.

Looking for a franchise opportunity that will allow you to make waves in the lives of local families? Click here to learn more about how you can bring an Angry Crab Shack to your area!


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