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At Angry Crab Shack, our site selection process is designed to help our franchise owners thrive.

We choose second and third generation restaurant locations to give our franchise owners a leg up on the competition, through reduced initial investment costs and using familiarity to our advantage.

Here’s how we do it.

Save Money Upfront

Angry Crab Shack restaurantBy selecting second or third generation restaurant sites for Angry Crab Shack locations, we save our franchise owners hundreds of thousands of dollars on their initial investment.

These locations usually come equipped with functional kitchens and bars, well-designed utility and HVAC systems, fire control and proper zoning – all which keeps well over $100,000 in our franchise owners’ pockets. Equipping a first generation restaurant space with a working water and sewer system alone can run upwards of $50,000.

Renovating a second or third generation restaurant site doesn’t just save money – it saves time.

The less time our franchise owners have to spend on waiting for a construction team to finish building a fully-functional kitchen, bar and décor, the sooner their Angry Crab Shack locations can open.

As a business that takes pride in its memorable grand openings, Angry Crab Shack wants the surrounding community to experience its new favorite seafood restaurant as soon as possible.

Adaptable Design

Angry Crab Shack’s adaptable design allows us to move into different types of second generation sites.

Regardless of which location guests visits, they’ll feel the same Angry Crab Shack atmosphere and see the same decor, TVs and Mardi Gras beads they love.

So long as the site has

the square footage needed and the building is up to code, we can adjust Angry Crab Shack’s interior design to match a number of variables, from unique floor plans to narrow kitchens.

This versatility has led to Angry Crab Shack success across all of our locations.

Leverage the Location’s Familiarity

One of Angry Crab's second generation restaurant sitesRenovating an existing restaurant location provides the inherent marketing benefit of immediate community interest.

They’ll be excited to see a familiar location they’ve frequented be given new culinary life. Even more, than the addition of a brand new, first-generation restaurant, the community will be excited to see a previously disappointing restaurant in a great location be replaced.

At Angry Crab Shack, we see the opening of a new location as an opportunity to change people’s perceptions.

When Angry Crab Shack expands into a second-generation site, we know we have a responsibility. We need to blow customers away and show them our location is a new dining destination that’s here to stay.

Ultimately, Angry Crab Shack thrives in second-generation restaurant sites because we rely on the same foundation all great restaurants do: strong operations and a delicious, diverse menu that has guests asking for more.

If you’re interested in a destination restaurant franchise with a smart real estate strategy, contact us today!


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