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How Angry Crab Shack’s Supply Chain Helps Franchise Owners Serve Fresh, Cost-Effective Seafood

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Inventory management is an important skill for restauranteurs. When it comes to inventory for a seafood restaurant, this can be even more challenging, and mismanaging the logistics of ordering seafood can have disastrous results.

Seafood restaurants rely on fresh shipments more than the average fast-casual joint. Demand for fresh lobster and crab means frequent orders, shipments and pickups. It’s important to have connections and strong relationships with vendors to manage this process smoothly.

A brand like Angry Crab Shack has established relationships and processes to pass on to franchise owners. This is how Angry Crab Shack’s supply chain simplifies inventory management and continues to delight guests:

From Net to Bag: How Angry Crab Shack Sources Seafood

From Net to Bag: How Angry Crab Shack Sources Seafood

Coordinating live shipments can be tricky, but Angry Crab has it down to a science. We work with two primary vendors for inventory. Snow crab, clams, mussels and king crab are delivered directly to stores on a refrigerator truck, and live lobster and Dungeness crab require pickup—they are safely packaged and simple for franchise owners to manage.

Angry Crab keeps prices low by eliminating the middleman and ordering directly from the source.

“We have long-standing relationships with these companies and fishermen that give our franchise owners a leg up,” Ed Cole, commissary and inventory manager for Angry Crab Shack, said. “Independent owners would need to start from square one.”

Placing orders as a brand also gives Angry Crab stronger purchasing power, passing on lower prices and higher quality product to franchise owners. Additionally, working with the same providers and fishermen promotes consistency across locations for hungry guests.

How Guests Benefit

How Guests Benefit

Angry Crab has no trouble attracting guests—they initially opened additional locations when wait times at the original exceeded an hour. Guests just can’t get enough of the tasty shellfish, and the competitive prices keep them coming back.

As the brand continues to grow, so does their purchasing power. Guests can expect these savings to stick around.

“Our system basically means franchise owners don’t have to worry,” Ed said. “We’ve created the system with no middleman and can attract guests with our prices.”

Angry Crab vendors deliver nationwide. If this seafood concept is thriving in the landlocked state of Arizona, it’s built to last nationwide. Established processes and a cost-effective supply chain are ramping up momentum for the brand and for new franchise owners.

If you’re interested in a seafood restaurant franchise, contact us today to learn more about Angry Crab Shack franchising opportunities.



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