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Finding a niche, offering unique cuisine and providing exceptional restaurant ambiance sets your restaurant apart from the competition. But how do you make sure your specialized restaurant concept doesn’t limit the guests you can attract?

It’s good to be different, but everyone likes the classics. Therefore, it’s important to strike a balance between the two.

Angry Crab Shack is known for its flavorful seafood meals, but we offer many options, from burgers and sandwiches to soups, salads and sides. Here’s how a niche restaurant concept like ours appeals to a wide variety of guests:

Diverse Menu Options Offer Something for Every Guest

While our Asian Cajun seafood boil is our signature dish – and our most popular – we know not all of our guests want to roll up their sleeves and dive into it every time they visit our restaurant. That’s why we offer a range of dishes —and put our own twist on the traditional menu categories diners are looking for, including:

  • Appetizers – Our Cajun Fries with an Attitude, Breaded Scallops, Wings and more provide delectable options for any group of guests.
  • Salads and vegetarian options – We offer salads or a Veggie Tofu Seafood Boil for our vegetarian guests and those looking for lighter fare.
  • Seafood – From delicious seafood boils to our Angry Baskets, seafood is our specialty. ‘Nuff said.
  • Chicken and red meat – We’ve got classic cheeseburgers and grilled chicken sandwiches covered.
  • Sides – Scrumptious sides like sweet potato fries, coleslaw, steamed rice and more make any Angry Crab meal complete.

Happy family at Angry Crab Shack
In addition to our perfectly curated array of dishes, we also offer sauces and spices with varying degrees of intensity for our seafood boil and wings – ranging from Me No Likey Spice to Grim Reaper. This ensures all of our guests can choose the right spice level for their palettes.

For family-friendly restaurants like Angry Crab Shack, it’s also important to provide options for kids so everyone in the family can enjoy their dining experience. Kids can be picky eaters or may not have the stomach for extremely spicy foods, which is why we offer ever-popular children’s options like chicken tenders.


We Offer Variety, But Stick to Our Theme

While it’s important for restaurants to offer an array of options, don’t lose sight of what you do best. Ultimately, the unique menu items, flavors and atmosphere at your restaurant are what draw guests through the door. So, offer some items that appeal to more guests, but don’t let your menu get too long and overwhelming. In addition, make sure the heart of your restaurant’s theme is consistent throughout your menu.

Angry Crab Shack seafood
At Angry Crab Shack, our Asian Cajun fusion flavors and flare can be found throughout our menu. For example, all of our sandwiches feature irresistible Cajun mayo, many of our offerings are fried southern-style and our unique spices and sauces can be found not only in our seafood boil, but on several items.

Guests who may not enjoy seafood can still partake in the delicious, Asian Cajun flavors that make our restaurant unique.

Special Events and Promotions Cast a Wide Net

With items on your menu that appeal to everyone, your next task is to attract a wide range of guests to your restaurant. One way to do so is by hosting unique special events and offering promotions to draw a crowd.

Angry Crab Shack Happy Hour
While we’re seafood fanatics, we understand that not everyone gets cravings for crawfish and crab legs. However, by hosting events and offering specials tied to major sporting events and holidays, you can attract new guests who may not have visited a seafood restaurant.

For example, at Angry Crab Shack we go all out with our Mardi Gras celebrations, offering specials to draw crowds looking for New Orleans flare to celebrate the biggest party of the year. And with our founder’s history with the NFL, you know we offer specials during football season and look forward to guests joining us to chow down and watch the games.

While our menu focuses primarily on scrumptious seafood, we offer options for everyone and our restaurants are widely popular with guests with varying tastes.

Are you interested in a niche seafood restaurant concept with wide appeal? Contact us today to learn about franchise opportunities with Angry Crab Shack.


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