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How We Keep Our Menu — and Seafood — Fresh

By September 4, 2018May 3rd, 2023No Comments

A new restaurant concept may be good at getting new guests through the door, but a classically tasty one like Angry Crab Shack keeps them coming back for more.

A unique restaurant concept or exciting décor can pique guests’ initial interest but delicious food and a balanced menu should be a top priority to build a loyal guest base and increase revenue.

For a restaurant franchise concept like Angry Crab Shack, franchise owners have the expert knowledge of our franchise brand team on their side. Our corporate team develops and tests new recipes and menu items and tailors them for success.

There are so many factors that go into a menu’s success, and we have perfected the process. See how Angry Crab tackles menu innovation and builds an exciting and balanced menu.


bag of seafood spilling out onto the table

Guest needs lead the direction for menu innovation. At Angry Crab, we keep a set menu to meet the needs of regulars and add on new and attention-grabbing specials. Nightly specials and new items can entice first-time guests.

Our corporate team tests new recipes and flavors at one of our seven corporate locations. Working in store to create new flavors promotes consistency and allows our team to test how new recipes will affect the back-of-house operations.

We currently offer seven different sauces and six different heat levels. In addition, we are developing a new custom spice blend to add to our menu. The flexibility of our menu appeals to a wide range of guests, allows for meal customization and provides options to loyal guests and first-timers.


flexibility of implementation

Once we’ve created a new flavor or dish we work to make the smoothest transition to our restaurants. It’s important to keep in mind how a new process will affect the kitchen crew.

“A back-of-house crew is essential in everything,” Mitch Bennet, back-of-house operations manager said. “They’re like an orchestra. You’ve got strings and winds, but together they make everything work.”

It’s also important to consider timing before rolling out a new item.

“You have a responsibility to the restaurant and the guests,” Mitch said. “An established restaurant does best when they change incrementally. A drastic change can drive away your regular guests.”

That’s why we rely on our guests’ favorites. We’ll always offer our spicy seafood boil, but innovations keep our restaurant growing and reaching new seafood lovers.


people at angry crab

We work to delight Angry Crab guests, regardless of which location they choose to visit. With a franchise concept, consistency across the board is crucial. Our in-store recipe testing and franchise model make this level of consistency possible, keeping our regulars loyal to the Angry Crab brand.

It’s also important to us to stay consistent with our concept and Cajun roots.

“Be true to your concept,” Mitch said. “For us as a Cajun concept, our guests expect things like crawfish, gumbo and spiced food.”

While we’ll always offer the traditional seafood boil taste and experience, we’re excited to grow and adapt our menu. Through innovation, we help our franchise owners keep their menu fresh and their revenue consistent.

To learn more about a franchise concept with innovation at the forefront, get started here!



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