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Why Add Angry Crab Shack to Your Multi-Unit Franchise Portfolio?

By June 11, 2018May 16th, 2023No Comments

Food franchises are consistently some of the most popular investment opportunities, and it’s no secret why—people love dining out. It’s easier, faster and many times a tastier option for consumers. In fact, full-service restaurant output has increased more than seven percent from last year.

In a landscape with a variety of food franchise opportunities, investing in multiple units – even multiple brands – has proved profitable for restauranteurs and entrepreneurs alike. Multiple locations mean additional revenue streams, and owners can simplify vendor relationships and supply chains. Simple-to-operate concepts with high return on investment (ROI) like Angry Crab Shack are the perfect investment for multi-unit franchise owners. Here are a few reasons why:

Low Overhead

low overhead, bag of seafood

Full-service restaurant concepts tend to have the highest initial investments in the restaurant world, which can make it difficult for franchisees to start off with multiple locations. Multi-unit franchise investors should look for lower investment concepts. They require less cash up front, and the timeframe to becoming cash-flow positive is shorter than with complicated, high-investment restaurant franchise opportunities.

Even as a full-service concept, Angry Crab Shack has a low initial investment, coming in below competitors at $440,000 to $830,000. This makes it more accessible for a variety of entrepreneurs and a perfect multi-unit option.

Simple Operations

Simple Operations in the business

Owner-operators devote a lot of time to a full-service concept, so an entrepreneur thinking about investing in multiple units should consider opportunities with simple operations. Attributes of a restaurant brand with simplified operations include:

  • Focused on a primary product or line of products
  • Streamlined menu
  • Reduced amount of equipment
  • Dining area sufficient to be cash flow positive

These locations have comparatively fewer moving parts to worry about, allowing owners to focus on other aspects, like customer service, infrastructure and growing in the local market.

Angry Crab is built on simple operations. Take the kitchen, for example. Our irresistible seafood is cooked and served in the same bag. The crab, crawfish and other seafood soak up the tasty blend of Cajun and Asian spices and allow our kitchens to operate in a more straightforward manner than your typical full-service restaurant. There’s no need for large appliances or an extensive kitchen crew to make our delicious, buttery seafood. That benefits multi-unit owners who can then focus on putting the right management team in place to ensure each location is operating with the highest levels of customer service and product quality.

In-Demand Concept

In-Demand Concept

Angry Crab originally began its expansion when the wait times at the first location got too ridiculous—sometimes over an hour. It’s not hard to get guests in the door when they know savory crab covered in spicy garlic is waiting for them when they sit down. The exciting nature of this concept allows franchisees to build a guest base quickly. Additionally, an experience-driven concept like Angry Crab Shack generates buzz from the community and entices new guests to try it.

Angry Crab Shack hits all the right notes for multi-unit ownership. The low overhead, high ROI and popular, on-trend concept makes it easy for passionate entrepreneurs to operate and succeed with multiple units.

If you’d like to learn more about adding Angry Crab Shack to your multi-unit franchise portfolio, contact us today.


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