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Whether you’re an emerging or established name, it’s important to build a strong brand from the start. That way, you’ll be able to cut through the noise of any competition, as well as make a solid impression on consumers.

This is particularly important in the restaurant and foodservice industries, which can be as fragmented and competitive as they are fast-growing.

With a unique concept, unforgettable guest experience and impactful marketing campaigns, we’ve been able to position Angry Crab Shack above the competition in our space.

Here’s more on how to make an emerging brand stand out to consumers:

Develop a Unique Concept and Capitalize on Key Differentiators

First and foremost, it’s crucial to develop a unique concept that will resonate with consumers. It’s also important to pinpoint and capitalize on your specific key differentiators, whether it’s the quality or type of food served, restaurant atmosphere or guest experience. Ideally, your brand will stand out in all three categories, but identifying your particular strengths is essential to help your brand excel.

For example, beyond the unsurpassed quality of our food, the main differentiator behind the Angry Crab Shack concept is in our novelty theme – which comes through in our experience and atmosphere.

Angry Crab Shack seafood boilOur concept has a theme that’s hard to miss – and equally difficult for other brands to replicate. We’re a casual full-service, Asian Cajun seafood concept specializing in boiled shellfish flavored with signature sauces. Each restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere that resembles a backyard seafood boil in the heart of New Orleans. Our presentation is also unique, since our seafood is served in the plastic bag it’s boiled in with our signature sauces and seasonings, packing each order with succulent juices and flavors.

By capitalizing on our unique concept and key differentiators, we’ve been able to make a name for ourselves and stand out to consumers.

Foster a Memorable Guest Experience and Customer Service

Cultivating a memorable guest experience is crucial to capturing brand affinity and loyalty from younger consumers. This has become increasingly important as more millennial and Generation Z consumers have entered the marketplace. Unlike their generational predecessors, younger consumers place higher value on experiences over material goods, and they’re willing to spend more money on quality experiences.

Happy family at Angry Crab ShackFor that reason, in the restaurant industry, the atmosphere has become just as important as the food. In fact, 91 percent of casual dining restaurant patrons say that an appealing ambiance and experience influences their decision to visit a particular concept.

Ever since we opened our doors, Angry Crab Shack has delivered the kind of unique experience that consumers increasingly crave. At our restaurants, guests enjoy laying out their boiled seafood directly onto our butcher paper-lined tables, and digging into a variety of clams, crabs, crawfish, lobster, shrimp and mussels with their hands. Then, there’s the satisfaction of cracking open or tearing into the shellfish themselves.

Guests are also encouraged to write on our designated signature walls with memories of their time at Angry Crab Shack, marking anniversaries, birthdays and any other special occasion that brought them through our doors. From the traditional seafood boil experience to the wonderful memories created within our four walls, Angry Crab Shack restaurants help foster strong experiences that resonate with guests every day.

Even if you’re not in a service-based industry, creating a solid guest experience is essential. Regardless of business or industry, all customers have an expectation of great service. Customers won’t put up with waiting in long lines or receiving poor responses from representatives, and around 75 percent of customers state that they consider customer service a true test of a company’s competence. Whether you’re in the foodservice industry or otherwise, providing solid customer service is central to leave a positive impression on consumers.

Signed wall at Angry Crab ShackBuild a Community and Following through Your Marketing Strategies

It’s important to make sure the positive experience and brand associations don’t just begin and end when guests are at your restaurant. A strong marketing and social media strategy will help you continuously keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers and foster strong connections.

Just as you need to create a positive environment in your restaurant, you also need to create a comfortable social and online presence for your brand. As consumers spend more time online, it’s important to optimize your online presence and market to your guests where they’re making purchasing decisions. That means more than just posting on your channels, but also regularly interacting with your guests and keeping them engaged.

Make sure to create a strong, consistent brand voice and messaging across channels, as well as encourage guests to post online reviews and other social content. Often, the most memorable and impactful social media marketing campaigns are created by the content guests post themselves, so work to create a true online community for your brand. Leveraging social channels, user-generated content and other marketing tactics can all help elevate your brand and cultivate strong loyalty and personal connections with your brand.

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