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Running a successful restaurant requires a certain amount of balance. Between managing the operations, money and people, there are a lot of moving parts. When things go wrong, you’re left with unhappy customers and staff.

At Angry Crab Shack, our proven concept and straightforward business model ensures our franchise owners avoid the pitfalls of restaurant ownership and puts them on their way towards profits.

But don’t let our name fool you. You won’t find angry people at Angry Crab Shack, and here’s why.

An Atmosphere Guests Love

Aside from our delicious menu, the one thing guests remember about their Angry Crab Shack visit is the atmosphere. From our Mardi Gras-inspired decor to our boisterous energy, each and every restaurant oozes a one-of-kind personality.

Busy Angry Crab ShackThat personality attracts guests from all walks of life, from families and coworkers to NFL athletes. Our open interior design and large tables invite a family-style dining experience, while our smaller booths, tables and barstools allow guests to watch the latest football game with seafood in hand.

It can get loud inside an Angry Crab Shack, and that’s how we prefer it.

An Exciting Place to Work

Our atmosphere may bring guests in, but our food keeps them coming back. Our trademark Asian Cajun seafood boil mixed in a bag with our signature spices is as mouth-watering and fun to eat as it sounds.

Our menu starts with our talented chefs and ends with our charming service staff. An important part of every guest’s restaurant experience is their interaction with that restaurant’s staff.

Angry Crab Shack employeesAt Angry Crab Shack, we ensure our guests have a pleasant interaction with our servers by making sure our staff is happy. We promote a fun work environment by seeking out franchise owners who will treat their employees as part of the Angry Crab Shack family. Through extensive training and on-location  support, we make it easy for franchise owners to trust and train their staff.

Angry Crab Shack is an exciting, engaging and active place for restaurant workers to take their skillset. There’s never a boring day working at an Angry Crab Shack.

A Business Franchise Owners are Proud to Call Their Own

With happy guests and happy employees comes a successful business. For us, that means happy franchise owners.

As a franchise owner, you can be proud of your investment. We present a unique opportunity for you to add a charming, unique family-friendly restaurant concept to your portfolio.

In addition to providing our guests a distinctive dining experience, we provide our franchise owners with a proven business that yields a strong ROI. We offer robust training and on-going corporate support for all of our franchise owners, all but guaranteeing their time with us is as enjoyable and successful as possible.

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