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Executing a well-thought-out menu is essential for any restaurant. It’s the backbone of your operations and the driving force behind your profits.

While reliable, signature menu items keep your customers loyal, a diverse menu can bring in new types of guests, especially families with children.

At Angry Crab Shack, our menu is tailored to serve everyone, from die-hard seafood fans to children with pickier palettes. While our Asian Cajun seafood boil will always be the staple of our concept, here’s why we think it’s crucial to maintain a diverse children’s menu.

Catering to the Picky Eaters

Children are notoriously picky eaters, especially when it comes to seafood. Despite its health benefits during childhood, seafood is often rejected by kids for its taste, texture, smell or appearance.

By offering more traditional and familiar meals to children – such as a cheeseburger and fries – they will quickly feel more comfortable at an Angry Crab Shack.

Angry Crab Shack fun experience for guestsHaving menu items that cater to picky eaters is a smart and easy way to widen your customer base. For as fussy as children’s eating habits may be, it’s not only them. While most children do grow out of their picky eating phase, not all do.

Many adults maintain a selective diet throughout adulthood, and it’s important to be prepared to serve all of our guests, regardless of their taste palette. In addition to our seafood items, we serve sandwiches and salads among other offerings that appeal to a greater amount of guests.

Attracting Experience-Driven Millennials

By having a designated children’s menu, you are telling your guests one thing: families are welcome.

Some families may try to avoid seafood restaurants altogether because of their children’s picky eating habits. They may choose a “safer” option, such as a fast-food restaurant. Not only can this establish an unhealthy dietary routine, but it can also become stale, especially for parents.

Millennials’ restaurant spending habits are well documented: they want communal dining, high-quality food and a memorable experience. And they want the same for their children.

Child at Angry Crab Shack Grand OpeningAt Angry Crab Shack, we offer a perfect blend of these three millennial demands.

Our kids’ menu not only attracts millennial parents to our restaurant, but it also leaves their children happy. Without a children’s menu, we would exclude a large portion of our market and leave money on the table. Through our children’s menu, we’re able to more easily attract our target family demographic.

Once families walk into an Angry Crab Shack, they know they’ve made the right decision. From our guests’ entrance to exit, they are provided a dining experience unique to Angry Crab Shack. Entering an Angry Crab Shack feels like walking into a backyard seafood boil in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Our boisterous atmosphere and exciting décor make a lunch or dinner at Angry Crab Shack memorable, and our fun, hands-on dining provides an experience families won’t soon forget.

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