Franchising 101: How Franchising Helps Restaurants Thrive  

Opening a restaurant can be a risky business venture for first-time operators. On top of everyday operations, restaurants deal with issues like inventory management, high staff turnover and guest relations. For someone with little-to-no experience, it can be a challenge to navigate these issues, but franchise concepts help mitigate many…
August 28, 2018
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5 Things Restaurant-Goers Look for in the Next Hot Spot

Who doesn’t want to own the restaurant that’s the talk of the town? That’s the ultimate goal for most restaurateurs. For independent operators, that goal can be hard to achieve, but unique franchise concepts like Angry Crab Shack make it a little easier. So what are restaurant-goers looking for? You…
August 14, 2018
Industry Trends

Top 3 KPIs for Restaurant Owners to Track

Seven of the top 10 biggest franchises in the world are restaurants. With food and beverage concepts controlling much of the market share in the franchise industry, they’re a strong investment for any entrepreneur. But, with a healthy amount of competition, restaurateurs need more than just a culinary passion and…
July 18, 2018
Industry Trends

The Future Looks Bright for the Seafood Industry

Americans have been incorporating more seafood into their diets and in the past five years have hit an all-time high for seafood consumption. Fresh fish offers a variety of health benefits and is popping up in more restaurant concepts. Overall people are eating out more, but they’re less inclined to…
July 11, 2018