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Industry Trends

3 Reasons Consumers are Turning to Seafood

For the modern consumer, a healthy mind set and demand for nutritious options isn’t just a trend, it has become a mainstay. This shift is being largely driven by the generation with the largest purchasing power—millennials. This demographic is more concerned with eating healthy, and they’re more likely to get…
June 4, 2018
Industry Trends

How Angry Crab Shack Attracts Experience-Driven Consumers

In the restaurant industry, the atmosphere is just as important as the food. In fact, 91 percent of casual dining restaurant patrons say that an appealing ambiance influences their decision to visit a particular concept. Consumers value experience, and ever since we opened our doors, Angry Crab Shack has delivered…
May 24, 2018

What to Know Before Buying a Restaurant Franchise

Food franchises are consistently one of the top franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs. Restaurant franchises fulfill multiple needs that consumers seek out in a dining experience, including experiencing flavors and environments they can’t readily reproduce at home. This and multiple other factors help contribute to an industry that generated an estimated…
May 9, 2018
About Angry Crab

Why Angry Crab Shack is Great for First-Time Restaurant Owners

Opening a restaurant can be an exhilarating – and sometimes overwhelming – experience for many first-time owners. After all, first-timers typically lack the industry know-how that seasoned veterans have like labor management, financial performance and monitoring and reporting and food cost management, among many others. Fortunately, first-time restaurateurs don’t have…
May 9, 2018
About Angry CrabIndustry Trends

How Niche Restaurant Concepts Drive Sales

Americans love going out to eat, especially experience-driven millennials. So why are some traditional casual dining restaurants struggling? Establishments like Applebee’s and IHOP have closed hundreds of locations and scrambled to attract millennial consumers. The answer is pretty simple—everyone’s had a burger before. Traditional, vanilla restaurant fare isn’t cutting it…
April 24, 2018
About Angry Crab

This Seafood Concept Can Thrive in Any Market

It doesn’t take a coastal city or a beachy vibe to create a successful seafood concept. Angry Crab Shack, the casual Cajun-inspired seafood joint, is thriving in the landlocked, desert state of Arizona. Even as a full-service restaurant concept, Angry Crab Shack’s franchise model touts low overhead and high revenue with…
April 3, 2018
About Angry Crab

Why Angry Crab Shack Attracts Franchise Partners and Copycats

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and Angry Crab Shack has plenty of imitators. Our memorable brand, one-of-a-kind dining experience and mouthwatering food make a strong impression on customers and competitors alike. But no matter how many copycats pop up, Angry Crab Shack’s proven business model and strong…
March 26, 2018